Marketing 101

Goods and services do not sell themselves – they must be marketed in one way or another. Here’s a quick guide to the marketing basics.

What is marketing?

Marketing is every way you make potential customers pay attention to your products, services, and your business.

Why should you promote?

You should market because people will find out that your business is located, what goods/services you offer and how they meet your potential customer’s needs. The goal of marketing is that you are going to sell.

When do you need to market?

If you sell goods or services, always keep your communications with the market open, so you do not miss new customers and business. Or rather: So they do not miss you.

There are also some occasions when it is of particular importance to think about how to communicate with the market. Here are some examples:


  • You start a brand new business (a new store, a new cafe, a new website where you can buy goods/services).
  • You have developed a new product.
  • Your company is launching a new service.


  • You have a few big customers, and your business’ survival depends entirely on their stay.
  • Your market seems to shrink.
    Example: A previously loyal audience begins to grow out of your goods/services.


  • You have too many small customers, and it takes a lot of time between those who are hard to pay for.
  • You have lost customers.


  • You’ve got a new partner. The new collaboration may be of interest to your clients or attract a new target audience.
  • New partner in the company. For your clients, it might improve your image.

So, there you have it, just the basics to what marketing is about. More tips will be available at the site for you steer your business in the right direction.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope for your patronage in the future!


Jeva N.

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